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20 years of experience and hard work have culminated in the ultimate cleaning machine

Vacuum Tech

Combining Nature & Technology


Engineered in Italy and sold throughout the world, the Vacuum Tech is the very last word in style, performance and reliability. Unrivalled among other domestic vacuum cleaners even a simple whip round your home will leave your carpets looking professionally cleaned. Lighter and easier to use than many of the big brand names yet with power and performance that will make you wonder how you have ever got by before!




Our engineers have combined the force of nature with the power of technology to bring you incredible performance. The Vacuum Tech is able to give you deep down cleaning removing dirt and grit that may have been in your carpet for years!


We pride ourselves on first class customer service. If something goes wrong with your Vacuum Tech, we will come and put it right. It's as simple as that! That is our promise to our customers.


Vacuum Tech

"...light weight and easy to use..."

"...luxury and performance..."

"...finest Italian engineering..."

"...outstanding build quality..."

"...the cleanest my carpets have ever been..."

"...the best investment I've made in years!..."


For more information or to book a no obligation demonstration please contact our UK Manufacturers Representative:

Storm Management

Innovation Centre Medway

Maidstone Road




Tel: 01634 724455


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