What to expect from a demonstration.

The Vacuum Tech is a high performance, luxury, domestic vacuum cleaner. It is sold through shows, exhibitions and in-home demonstration.


What does the demonstration involve?


A trained Vacuum Tech representative will come to your home by appointment and give you a brief demonstration of the vacuum cleaner and some of its main features - many of which need to be seen to be believed! It can be as brief or as in-depth as you choose but usually takes no more than an hour. The Vacuum Tech runs off of a normal wall socket and uses no water or chemicals so no preparation on your part is required. However, the Vacuum Tech significantly outperforms ordinary domestic vacuum cleaners, so to give it a really good test, you might like to vacuum your living room ahead of our visit, but this is purely at your descretion.


We hope you will be impressed but rest assured, a demonstration in no way obliges you to buy anything from us. We welcome your feed back. 

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